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Otherwise known as Marv to his closest friends, Major Magnet is the eponymous hero of the game who has to find his way out of the Lastin Magnetic facility where he unexpectedly finds himself after losing his trusty cape.

Bumbling, but lovable, he always remains upbeat, optimistic and blissfully fearless regardless of the obstacles thrown in his way.

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A plucky and highly intelligent purple guinea pig who serves as Marv’s self-appointed tour guide as well as unlikely assistant/sidekick when his challenges become just too big to face solo.

Although he wants to help Marv as best he can, Gus also has an old score to settle with his previous wicked owner…

lastinlastin title

The villain of Major Magnet. A volatile yet shrewd businessman and engineer, he is the individual responsible for the existence of the world which Marv has landed in.

Keeping a watchful eye over Marv’s movements, Lastin aims to stop him dead in his tracks by whatever means necessary so that his dastardly plan to reverse the poles of the Earth won’t be knocked out of whack..

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